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IT2800 Series Graphical Source Measure Unit

The IT2800 Series are compact andcost-effective bench-top Source Measure Units (SMUs) with the capability tosource and measure both voltage and current. The IT2800 Series combine the capabilities of a voltage source, a currentsource, a voltage meter, a current meter and an ohmmeter (along with the capability to switch easily between these various functions).This ensures the independent measurement of IV characteristic in 4-quadrant. With a current range of 10fA to 10A and a voltage range of100nV to 1000V, the IT2800 series SMU has capabilities that allow it to perform more than just simple DC and pulsed measurements to prevent errors inmeasurement results due to the device's own heating. Excellent Front Panel GUI with 5 inch touch display supports various view modes, to help engineerssignificantly improve the efficiency of testing. The IT2800 Series is suitable for a variety of test applications: discretesemiconductor devices, passive devices, transient suppression devices, laser diodes, TVS, varistors, etc.

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0.015%+300uV(200mV range) 0.025%+300pA (1uA range)
USB/LAN/Digital IO
Optional GPIB
1/2 2U
100nV/10fA (Measure)
0.015%+300uV(200mV range) / 0.06%+100pA (100nA range)
USB/LAN/Digital IO
Optional GPIB
1/2 2U
3A DC, 10A Pulse
0.015%+300uV(200mV range) / 0.06%+100pA (100nA range)
USB/LAN/Digital IO
Optional GPIB
1/2 2U
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* The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
Product Features

 5 inch touchdisplay supports both graphical and numerical view modes.
 Combing thecapabilities of six devices in one: Voltage Source, Current Source, 6 ½Digital Multimeter (DCV,DCI, ohms), Battery Simulator, electronic load andPulse Generator
 Integrating4-quadrant sourcing & measuring capabilities, and supporting Two-wire& Four-wire measurement
 Resolution up to10fA/100nV, sampling rate up to 10us
 Three graphicdisplay modes: Graph View, Scope View and Record View

 Multi-channel andsimultaneous operation design, with parallel testing capability
 Built-inresistance, power, and Math measurement features
 Front USB port used for data storage,screen capture, or test configuration import
 Built-in DigitalIO/USB/LAN communication interface

Functions and Advantages

Six in one high precision SMU, reduce yourtest cost

Performing IVmeasurements with conventional instruments such asvoltage/current sources, pulse generator, high precision voltage/currentmeters, etc. is complicated and costly. It takes up limited test benchspace and requires engineers control and synchronize programming ofmultiple devices to perform an accurate measurement.
The IT2800 seriesSMU provides engineers with an economical and efficient solution. Itintegrates different source and measurement capabilities into one compactform factor of 1/2 2U size, which can accurately source andmeasure voltage and current. It combine the capabilities of six devicesincluding: 4-quadrant voltage source, current source, 6 ½ digitalmultimeter, pulse generator, batterysimulator and electronicload.

 Source Measure Unit

Intuitive graphical display, fast accessto product features

The IT2800's frontpanel has many features that improve the speed of interactive use, userfriendliness and ease of operation. These include a 5 inch color LCD display, aUSB2.0 memory I/O port, a rotating navigation button, a trigger button,function keys and popular banana jack. The USB2.0 memory port supports easydata storing, test configuration file import and system upgrade. The IT2800Series supports both graphical and numerical test results view modes. Theintuitive graph view, scope view and record view greatly improves theproductivity of bench-top tests and IV characteristic analysis.

Source Measure Unit

Standard and LIST sweep capabilities

IT2800 Seriesfeatures standard and LIST sweep capabilities. Under standard sweep mode, itsupports parameters such as linear and logarithmic modes, single and doublesweep functions and constant and pulsed sweep operation. List sweep functionscan efficiently perform arbitrary waveform output which is useful whencharacterizing devices where the test response varies greatly depending uponthe applied voltage or current. The user can use Excel import or panel edit togenerate sweep curves of any shape with up to 99,999 data points can be import,which is an ideal choice for testing U-I and I-U features.

Source Measure Unit

Battery simulatorfunction

Thanks to thefour-quadrant operating characteristics of SMU, the IT2800 Series can notonly be used as voltage source, current source, 6 ½ Digital Multimeter,but also built-in professional battery simulator

function to helpengineers better study the impact of battery characteristics on DUT powerconsumption and performance reliability. You can quickly generate batterycurves by customizing (SOC-VOC-R) or setting conventional parameters. Inaddition, the initial SOC state of the battery can be specifiedarbitrarily, without waiting for charging or discharging like using a realbattery, which greatly improves the efficiency of R&D and productiontesting.

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